Ninang, I’m Getting Taller!

I was ready to rest from today's work, excited to sleep in my bed only to find out that my niece is waiting for me there. I told her, "I'm going to rest." But before she went downstairs I asked for a tight hug! Trying, I coudn't carry her anymore. Yeah, I tried to. She … Continue reading Ninang, I’m Getting Taller!

Become A Leader, Leave Your Mark | Event

TAGUIG CITY, PHILIPPINES -Yesterday, 200 young leaders attend a leadership conference held at The Mind Museum by Teach for the Philippines (TFP), a non-profit organization that enlists promising young leaders to pursue two-year stint in teaching public schools students and become a life-long advocate of education for all. Leaders were able to meet new friends, inspire one another and … Continue reading Become A Leader, Leave Your Mark | Event